Hate Networking? Here’s How to “Connect Without Networking”

Chapter Four of Diane Mulcahy’s book, “The Gig Economy” is a must-read for anyone who needs to network – whether you’re part of the gig economy, or you’re someone in a long-term job looking for prospects. We all know the importance of our networks, but many people hate networking.

In 15 pages, Mulcahy’s, “Connect Without Networking” chapter gives step-by-step instructions on how to network in a far more effective way; a way that is more satisfying for everyone.

Some of the key points:

1. Weak vs. Strong Ties: It’s your weak network – acquaintances, not friends – that will be most important. Your weak ties will result in far more new opportunities, whether you are looking for a new gig, or for prospects for your current company.

2. Inbound Connecting: Do you dread the typical networking events with a room full of strangers and a glass of bad wine? Mulcahy tells you how to skip those events and instead apply the digital marketing approach of  inbound marketing – writing, speaking, or hosting.  Speaking and Hosting might sound daunting, but Mulcahy makes them easier.

3. Outbound Connecting: This is for when you must attend the traditional “room full of strangers and a glass of bad wine” events. Again, Mulcahy provides a step-by-step approach that makes such events much more effective (and bearable.)

4. The Offer and The Ask: Networking is full of offering and asking. This section is brilliant because Mulcahy defines what’s a good and a bad offer (and ask.) The example of a bad offer – “Let me know if I can do anything to help.” – and a bad ask – “Are you free to grab lunch or coffee? I’d love to pick your brain.” are two of my pet peeves. Mulcahy gives a better approach.

5. Asking for an Introduction: This section is equally brilliant because Mulcahy addresses the common problem of people not knowing how to ask for an introduction. Mulcahy tells how to respect the introducer’s time, effort, and social capital.

For anyone who needs to network, if you only read Chapter Four, it is well worth the price! And if you are in the gig economy, the rest of the book is equally useful.

The full title of the book is, “The Gig Economy; The Complete Guide to Getting Better Work, Taking More Time Off, and Financing the Life You Want.”  

Who can argue with, “better work” and, “more time off?”

And please consider buying the book at your local neighborhood bookstore or from someone other than Amazon.  It’s available at Barnes and Nobel.


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