Bostonians: Six Reasons To Consider Pittsburgh For Your Next Weekend Getaway

jan_2007_pittsburghskyline_com_292This past weekend was our third trip to Pittsburgh. We fall in love with the city every time.  Fellow Bostonians, here are six reasons to consider Pittsburgh for your next weekend getaway.

  1. Cheap, easy flights. Plan ahead and the 1 hour 10 minute flight can be had for $55.
  2. Cheap, luxurious hotels. The historic Renaissance Hotel in the center of town is offering weekend rooms at $100 a night.  Walk across the river and catch a Pirates game at beautiful PNC Park where standing room tickets are only $8 and the food is great though, as The Onion reports, the baseball could be better.  Or visit one of the four Carnegie museums, including the  seven story Andy Warhol Museum.
  3. Cheap, easy driving. A rental car for the weekend can be had for $90 all-in, and parking in city center is only $5 a day. And the last mile of the 20 mile drive from the airport is stunning, causing the NY Times to say “’s the only city in America with an entrance.”
  4. Great food. Dozens of places from which to choose. We liked Nine on Nine so much we went twice in one weekend. Or try Church Brew Works for an interesting, almost ‘speak easy like’ experience.
  5. Great shopping. The Saturday morning market in The Strip district is any foodies dream. Bring a couple of extra suit cases to stash all the loot.
  6. Friendly people. What’d you expect?  It’s the mid-west! Whether holding doors at shops, providing service in restaurants, or yielding to turning traffic at intersections, the friendliness of Pittsburgh’s residents is a real tonic.

This past weekend, while Bostonians were dealing with a brief snow squall, we were having lunch outside in Shenley Park; Pittsburg’s being just that far south of New England matters this time of year.  And its more western location means an extra 30 minutes of daylight each evening, a treat any time of they year.  Give it a go.


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