With my interim COO assignment at Cecropia completed, I can now answer the question, “What happened to The Act?”

colaconcept.jpgI’ve finished my assignment as interim President and COO (reporting to the founding CEO, Omar Khudari) of independent video game developer, Cecropia. When I arrived in 2006, I managed a team of 75 that created The Act, a new style of video game that combines the appeal of an animated film with a simple game mechanic that anyone can enjoy — a video game that appeals to “the rest of us.” As a team, we navigated the challenge of finishing the game on time while simultaneously downsizing the operation significantly. As a company, we learned about creating a powerful, emotional connection between game players and interactive characters. Building on this knowledge, we have transitioned the company to where it can now develop a new kind of interactive advertisement, a Flash Comedy Skit, which could, in our view, become a key component of the Facebook strategy of large consumer products companies.

Check out two things on our updated web site: Under the Projects tab you can play games that are completed and get a ‘sneak peak’ of games in development. And under the Blog tab, read the 12 March 2008 post to answer the question we get asked every day, “What happened to The Act?

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